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Registration has been replaced in 1.5 to mirror 2.0, but Software Serial is no longer required for new 1.5 Registration...

1.5 Registration Help

  1. Registration did not work correctly… (expired when it shouldn't be!)
    Reg.Nwa may be is mismatched or corrupted…
    When you load a new version of 1.5 the Reg.nwa from the old system may not match the new one.
    Reg.nwa for 1.5 registration is located in [My Documents][CNC Shark]
    Have your registration keys ready… you should have one for your machine and one for your touch plate.
    You can turn off/close the control panel, then delete the reg.nwa file.
    This will trigger a clean registration with a newly generated file.
  2. [Registration] form
    Connect the controller and power it on.
    Start the control panel back up…
    This is the 2nd popup that appears…

    Click [Enter Registration Key]
  3. [Enter Registration Key] form

    Enter the registration key for your controller. Click [Set]
    The control panel will close. Reopen it.
  4. Help Menu
    Once in the control panel, navigate the menu [Help][Enter Registration Key]

    The same [Enter Registration Key] window as seen in #3 above, will pop up.
    Enter the registration key for you touchpad. Click [Set]
    Now the [Detect Touchplate] button should appear in your 1.5 Control Panel.